Faith Village Project

Faith Village

Faith Victory Association (FVA) purchased 7.685 hectares of land in the Gasabo District of Kigali, which is on the outskirts of the city. FVA has a view to building a Community orientated village.
This village, which broke ground June 22, 2010, will be constructed in phases. At Faith Village there will be an orphanage, a school, a community centre, a medical centre, and a vocational college. One of the purposes of the village will be to support the orphanage. The orphanage will be built as three apartment blocks with four houses in each. We will include facilities for people with disabilities and special needs. Twelve apartment style homes will be available for our staff.  An eco-friendly village is an important part of FVA’s vision and goals.

A Village to Build Faith and Lives


We are in the process of building three 2-story apartment blocks that will contain four homes each. These homes will accommodate 8 children and 2 caretakers. We are endeavoring to create a family environment for the children. Each home will consist of 3 bedrooms, one bedroom for the careers with en suite facilities. Also two bedrooms for the children with shared toilet, shower room, a sitting/dining room and a kitchen with store room.

Community Centre

This facility will be multi-functional in its use with the ability to seat up to 500 people. It will be a meeting place at the heart of the local community. It will be a place where a range of functions, conferences, informative talks, counseling and training programs can be held. We can also defray the running costs of the centre by renting for weddings, parties, concerts and other meetings. 

Staff Houses

Within the project it is intended to provide twelve homes on site for staff on a rental basis. The design is the same as the homes in the Orphanage area of this project. The staff houses will have the potential to use the same eco-friendly energy sources as the rest of the village such as solar and rainwater harvesting.


As part of this project we will build a combined Nursery, Primary and Secondary School with a total of 26 classrooms. This will provide the opportunity of quality education to students within the Faith Village community and neighborhood. The main intent is to provide education to cover the losses of human material and facilities during the genocide.

Medical Centre

This will be an indispensable addition to the community, as there are no Primary Health Care facilities nearby. Once the 30 bed Medical Centre is equipped and fully operational it should be self-funding through government and private medical insurance. Our plan is to provide the following services: Consultation, Medical, Pediatric, Dental, and Physiotherapy, Laboratory and other clinical facilities.

Home Gardens

Faith Village will have home gardens which can be used to grow produce, raise chickens and goats. These endeavors will be used to provide food and finances to support the village orphanage.

An Eco Friendly Village

The design team has endeavored to plan a village type estate that will incorporate several environmentally friendly features:

  • Solar panels
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Treatment and re-use water
  • Use building materials that are sustainable and protect the environment