Ron Corpuz

He is a former Supply and Logistics Coordinator in the US Military and had been stationed in multiple countries throughout his entire career.   Trained as a leader, mentor, and subject matter expert in Supply Chain Management and Budget Operations, he was involved in various military functions operating in the Pacific and Central Command in support of the Global War on Terrorism.  While stationed in Atsugi Japan in March 2000, he has given his life to the Lord Jesus Christ.   

Honorably discharged from the Service in August 2012, he accepted the calling in the Ministry in September 2012, serving as a Pastor of All Nations Fellowship, an extension of the Congregation’s mother church located in Misawa Japan, founded by Pastor Marc Renta.  The Ministry is dedicated in providing CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP, TRAINING, and SUPPORT for those desiring to pursue their God-given purpose.  

Ron Corpuz is currently residing in San Diego California with his wife Donna Smith and 2 children.