Apostle Yoshua Ndagijimana Masasu

Apostle Yoshua Ndagijimana Masasu is the founder of Evangelical Restoration Church and the overseer of 56 churches in Rwanda, DRC and Burundi. He was born in 1960 in an impecunious village of Cyangugu in South West Rwanda. Like many people of his time, Yoshua Masasu did not have the privilege to enjoy his childhood life in his motherland because of the political upheavals that started in 1959 in Rwanda. His parents fled to Congo with him when he was still a baby.
As a refugee in DRC, Yoshua Masusu had no chance to enjoy freedom like any citizen of the country. He struggled to live and to study, but God made it possible for him to accomplish his studies in a university called UPC (Université Protestante du Congo) where he graduated as an engineer in Electronic Communication. After university, he began Jerusalem Ministry in Kinshasa, which targeted people of Rwandan origin with the gospel of Jesus Christ. With his passion and compassion, Yoshua Masasu brought hope to many people who were hopeless in this foreign country.
In 1994, Yoshua Masasu obeyed the voice of God and returned to Rwanda, a country that had been devastated by the genocide.

When he arrived in Rwanda, he established a church called Evangelical Restoration Church and God started restoring the hearts of many Rwandans. Today, there are 56 churches in Rwanda, Burundi and DRC that are under his leadership.

Apostle Yoshua Masasu is great leader and a man of compassion. He has been the president of FOBACOR, an Association of about 100 Born Again Churches in Rwanda. His leadership style has earned him favor to become a pastor of pastors and a spiritual father to many church leaders in Rwanda and beyond.
Apart from the ministry, Yoshua Masasu is a father of five children; Deborah, Joshua, Caleb, Esther, Yedidiah and a husband of pastor Lydia Umulisa Masasu.