Evangelist Sandrali Sebakara

Sandrali Sebakara is the President and CEO of CAEDEC (www.caedec.co), a registered consulting firm offering professional services in Architecture, Planning, Interior Design and Engineering. The firm was established in 1995. Over the years Sandrali has served a wide range of Public and Private Sector clients in Rwanda, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and The Democratic Republic of Congo.

Sandrali’s years of experience in architecture, business and management provide him significant expertise and knowledge of consulting services and business protocol in Rwanda. Sandrali is an international speaker and an entrepreneur, business consultant.  He travels extensively to developing nations to speak in the areas of Kingdom entrepreneurship and discovering one’s leadership gifts. He is fluent in English, French, Swahili, and Kinyarwanda. Sandrali is Co-Founders and Vice President of Faith Victory Association. His company CAEDEC, is involved in the architectural design and construction of “FAITH VILLAGE” and is a major contributor to FVA. He has a passion and desire to see children’s lives grow through education and he encourages young people to become future leaders.  

Sandrali and his wife Immaculée have been married for 19 years, have six lovely children and reside in Kigali, Rwanda, Africa.

Rebuilding the Nations on Divine Principles

Kigali Memorial Centre

Sandrali was the chief architect for the Kigali Memorial Centre, a renowned memorial to the 1994 genocide, which is visited by millions of people from around the world. He is also the founder and President of RNDP (Rebuilding the Nations on Divine Principles), an international leadership development organization.