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There are many ways that you can help Faith Victory. Volunteering your time either in the states or in Rwanda would benefit the men, women, and children there.

We would like to invite you to join us on a volunteer trip to Rwanda. If you have a group of your own we will facilitate the trip for you.

Do not think that you do not have any skills and abilities in which you can help. The cost of a hug or a game of ball is priceless to these people and children who are in need of love and hope!

Please feel free to contact FVA if you have a desire to help in any of these areas.

Infant feeding

Infant Feeding

The program aims at Infant Feeding by providing regular noon meal to 120 children who used to not find food at home whenever they came back from school, thus leading to poor learning performance.  Access to health services by vulnerable children and women is another component of FVA’s health program. FVA covers Health insurance scheme (mutuelle de santé) for 1800 female sex workers.  The organization strengthens also the capacity of community health workers and health facilities for better services provision. FVA organizes community-based medical outreach activities. Moreover, nutrition aspect is among the main issues discussed into village savings and lending cooperatives across all interventions of FVA.


Orphans CARE

Orphans CARE

FVA currently supports twenty-seven orphans & vulnerable children by providing a loving and safe home environment, education, healthcare, food and clothing; the necessities to live a fruitful, productive and self-sustaining life.

Be a part of the Orphan Sponsorship Program and make a difference in a child’s life. Please consider becoming a partner with FVA Rwanda and help support Rwandan orphans and vulnerable children.

We invite you to choose one of the following CARE options:

- $60.00 per month – Primary Education CARE (School fees, uniform, equipment & meals with Medical Insurance) one child

- $80.00 per month – High School Education CARE (Boarding School fees, uniform, equipment & Medical Insurance) one child

- $90.00 per month – Total Home CARE (Accommodation, matrons, food & clothing) one child

- $170.00 per month – Complete Child CARE (Accommodation, matrons, education, clothing, food plus medical insurance) one child

With Faith Victory Association you can be a vital part of our work. It will be as though your hands are laying the foundations of a new generation in Rwanda by making the necessary provisions; to build and develop a young life, and give them a bigger future.


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