Kayonza: FVA train CHWs on Village Nutrition School (VNS) methodologies

Mon, 26 Sep

Faith Victory Association (FVA) has conducted a five days training on Village Nutrition School (VNS) approach for 219 Community Health Workers (CHWs) and nutritionists from both health centers and district hospitals taken from Murundi, Mwili, Rukara, Rwinkwavu, Nyamirama, Kabare sectors of Kayonza district.

This training was organized under Gikuriro Program which is aimed at improving nutritional status of women of reproductive age and children less than five years of age, with an emphasis on the 1,000 day window of opportunity from pregnancy until a child’s second birthday and Gikuriro program is being implemented in Kayonza by FVA in partnership with CRS and SNV on USAID’s Funds.

Village Nutrition Schools (VNS) is one of the techniques that will be used to educate about nutrition to Gikuriro program beneficiaries in Kayonza. Building capacity of health providers on VNS is expected to help Gikuriro achieve improved nutrition, fight against malnutrition related diseases and thus contribute to reduction of stunting among Kayonza children.

After this training, CHWs will establish VNS groups in their villages lead VNS activities which include cooking demonstration, rehabilitating malnourished children, nutrition education, facilitate behavior change on nutrition and make follow up of malnourished children with aim of eliminating malnutrition in Kayonza.

Training participants have vowed their contribution and commitment in helping Gikuriro program reach its objective and target.

CHWs training on VNS started on 20th until 26th Sept 2016. Gikuriro Program is a USAID 5 year’s funded project as an Integrated Nutrition and Wash Activities. It is being implemented in 8 districts country wide and whereby FVA is implementing Program activities in Kayonza district.