Nyanza: FVA and AAR donated cows to FLOW women beneficiaries

Wed, 27 Jul

In a colourful event held at Nyanza district stadium, Faith Victory Association (FVA) and Action Aid Rwanda (AAR) have on Tuesday July 26th 2016 donated 30 cows to 30 families benefiting from FLOWII project.

FVA and AAR are two Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that implement a women empowerment project named Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women (FLOW) on Kingdom of the Netherlands’ funds.

Families which received cows were selected from Busasamana, Mukingo and Rwabicuma sectors where FLOW II project is being implemented.

Cows were provided to FLOW II beneficiaries in order to support the wellbeing of their families. These cows distributed are also expected to reproduce and benefit other FLOW beneficiaries.  

In his speech, Willy Muhizi Mwanafunzi, the Executive Director of FVA has mentioned that cows distributed to families are to support the government program of Girinka Munyarwanda and will benefit receiving families and the whole community in general.

“Among the benefits expected from these cows, there is include spreading calves to other families, helping in sustainable agriculture by providing more manure for farms and assisting children’s nutrition through the provision of adequate milk.”He said.

FVA’s Executive Director also implored Nyanza district officials include infrastructures which reduce and ease the weight of Unpaid Care Work for women in district planning so as to help women to reserve a time for income generating activities.

Action Aid’s Country Director, Josephine Uwamariya emphasized that empowering a woman prevent her from suffering from all kinds of violence.

“We worked with women of Nyanza district in FLOW I and FLOWII project, through these projects; women are being empowered in all aspects of life. Women testimonies have shown that they are no longer totally depending on their husbands in every family need. We have realized that when women can support their husbands, the family can easily develop and this environment promotes peace in their families and Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases decrease.”

45 years old woman, Nyirantibenda Rose from Busasamana sector is one of FLOW beneficiaries, who received cows; she joyfully revealed that before FLOW project she has never reared a cow and she is optimistic that the livestock she received will bring many successes to the life of her family.

All women working with FLOW project were happy and expressed their gratitude through dances and songs narrating the importance of the project and project implementers.

Solange Mutesi, the Vice Mayor in charge of Social affairs of Nyanza district commended the vital and fruitfully partnership between Nyanza district and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). She has also reminded families which received cows to never consider them for a direct use but to keep them for continuing benefits. “These cows are not for direct consumption but we will be happy if you invite us and testify benefits these cows in public.”

FVA and AAR started implementing Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women (FLOW) project in Nyanza since 2012. The project was renewed as FLOWII project starting from 2016 to end in 2020 and will be working with 6,000 women and 1,000 men countrywide. FLOW I worked in Gisagara and Nyanza while FLOW II is working in five districts of Rwanda which are Nyanza, Gisagara, Musanze, Nyaruguru and Karongi whereby FVA implements the project in Nyanza, Musanze and Nyaruguru.