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Economic Empowerment

Community Development, Public Health

Faith Victory Association


In the Project dubbed « Females sex workers initiative » 900 former sex workers from Gasabo district of Kigali city have benefited from saving groups and are ready to invest their savings in other economical activities.



How you can help

Are you passionante about helping others? Do you desire to use your skills to help those in need in devloping countries? Do you have a bucket full of love that you want to give? Contact FVA and get started on a volunteer trip now!


What impressed me the most were the shear number of women and children that’s lives are forever changed by FVA. I will never forget how dozens of women and children told me their stories of once having dark and hopeless in their lives.

Current Projects

Faith Village

Faith Victory Association (FVA) purchased 7.685 hectares of land in the Gasabo District of Kigali, which is on the outskirts of the city. FVA has a view to building a Community orientated village. The development, which broke ground June 22, 2010, will be constructed in phases and have several functions that will reinforce & enhance the needs of the neighborhood and give hope to the local community.

Children's Program

Faith Victory Association (FVA) as an organization promotes child rights. FVA deals with all aspects of child abuse. In our children's programs, interventions against child work and child labor are priority.





Volunteer Program

Are you compassionate, empathetic and emotionally robust? Do you love working and playing with children? Have you been wanting to use your medical skills, dental skills, teaching, or building skills to help those less fortunate? The people of Rwanda are ready and eager to meet you, learn from you, and to introduce you to their lives.